Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics at Hicks

In today’s fast-paced automotive landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential. At Hicks, we pride ourselves on our commitment to keeping pace with the latest developments in vehicle technology. That’s why we utilise state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment supplied by Snap on tools, offering dealer-level software that provides comprehensive system coverage for your vehicle.

In addition to our advanced equipment, we leverage technical information from Autodata, a trusted industry leader for over 40 years. This combination of top-tier equipment and expertise ensures that we deliver accurate diagnoses and effective solutions for your vehicle.

But what exactly is a car diagnostic test?

Think of it as a health check for your car. With modern vehicles featuring computerised components, such as the engine control unit (ECU), monitoring your vehicle’s performance, diagnostic testing has become indispensable. Whether triggered by a warning light on your dashboard or conducted proactively, our specialist car diagnostics software allows us to access your vehicle’s onboard computer and identify potential issues.

Why is a car diagnostic test important?

Beyond addressing existing issues, diagnostic testing plays a crucial role in preventive maintenance. By detecting minor problems early on, we can prevent them from escalating into costly repairs down the road. In the past, diagnosing car problems was a time-consuming and often reactive process. Thanks to advancements in technology, today’s onboard computers can detect and record even minor faults, empowering us to provide proactive and efficient service to our customers.

What areas does car diagnostics cover?

Our specialised engine diagnostic software enables us to read error codes generated by your vehicle’s ECU, allowing us to test for faults across various vehicle systems, including:

  • Engine management
  • Tyres
  • Emissions
  • Lights
  • Comfort Controls

Moreover, our car diagnostic software offers additional capabilities, such as resetting service lights, testing and adjusting braking systems, and fine-tuning headlamp brightness levels.

At Hicks, we’re dedicated to keeping your vehicle running smoothly and safely. Trust us for thorough diagnostics and reliable solutions tailored to your automotive needs.

Contact us today to schedule your diagnostic test or to learn more about our services. Drive with confidence knowing your vehicle is in capable hands at Hicks.

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