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Tyre services we offer at Hick MOT and Service Centre

Four small patches of rubber each the size of your hand are the only parts of the car in touch with the road, so having the right tyres, in good condition and correctly inflated is very important for your safety.

At Hicks, when we service your vehicle, we will check inflation and condition of all the tyres and provide you with a report including tread depths and the correct pressure settings.

We will check for damage, impacts from solid objects can cause cuts and internal side wall weakening, wear, tread depth is an indication as to how the tyres are wearing, uneven tread wear may indicate an alignment or suspension fault, pressures, it is important that the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure, over inflated and the centre of the tyre will wear excessively, under inflated and the edges will wear excessively, aged, tyres have no predictable shelf life, it is important to check for signs of cracking, splitting and perishing

In the event that replacement tyres are required, we will able to supply the correct tyre, at an affordable price.

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