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Air Conditioning

Our air conditioning engineers are trained and certificated to meet European regulations.

Using Bosch equipment they are able to service and maintain your vehicle's air conditioning system

Vehicle manufactures recommend the system is serviced every 2 years

With our air conditioning service's we will:

  • Pre-service operating temperature test
  • Check all controls and air distribution
  • Check operation of compressor and cooling fan
  • Inspection of drive belts and system components
  • De-gas system, measuring quantity extracted
  • Vacuum test system
  • Re-charge system adding gas and oil as required
  • Carry out anti-bacterial treatment
  • Re-check system operation
  • Post-service operating temperature test

Should your air conditioning fail to work?

Using our specialist diagnostic equipment we will analyse the system operation, checking for leaks, mechanical and electrical malfunctions, repair system as required-all in-house

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